Hi, JB Park, CEO of TROUND Inc is here. 

We are pleased to introduce Sound XR, a sound that has never been heard before in the world. 

We have been working on product development for 4 years now, driven by our passion for sound. 

We have spent a lot of time and resources, and we have experienced many failures, 

but we are finally happy to be able to bring you the sound never existed before. 


We will not be complacent here. 

We will continue to focus on product development in the future. 

We will strive to become a leader in technology, not only the world's best sound system, 

but also in the field of virtual reality. 

Key Points of TROUND Inc.

World Leader on Sound XR technology 

TROUND initiated Sound XR technology on Chair for the first time of the world. 

It’s a leading sound and haptic solution for immersive experience with visual device(such as Vision Pro). 

Strong portfolio of intellectual property 

TROUND have more than 27 registered patents for sound chairs on US/China/Canada/Japan/Korea/Taiwan. which is more than any other company in the world. 

We also have three years of test data for our sound chairs, 

which demonstrates our expertise in the design, manufacturing, 

and tuning of sound chairs. 

TROUND Inc. was established in September 2021 

with the aim of providing immersive sound experiences. 

TROUND envisions a future where people's daily lives are 

filled with happiness through the joy of sound. 

With the goal of "Sound of Happiness, Happiness of 

Sound," TROUND has succeeded in developing the world's first 

"Sound XR Chair," which even major global companies 

 have not been able to achieve. 

Sound XR Chair Development Process

Sound XR is a combination of 3D Direct surround sound 

and sound waves vibration. It allows users to 

experience an unprecedented level of immersion in sound. 

 Sound XR has been awarded 27 registered patents in 

Korea and abroad, including six registered U.S. 

patents and six registered Chinese utility patents. 

This demonstrates the novelty and advancement of Sound XR technology worldwide. 

Sound XR Chair was pre-launched at CES 2023, the 

world's leading IT exhibition, and officially launched 

at IFA 2023. At IFA, Sound XR Chair was featured in 

IFA International, the official magazine of IFA.

Sound XR Technology 

Sound XR Chair uses a combination of 3D surround sound and sound wave 

vibration to 

create an immersive audio experience. The 3D surround sound speakers are positioned 

around the chair to create a realistic sound field. The sound wave vibration speakers are 

located in the chair's seat and backrest to provide a tactile sensation that corresponds to 

the audio. 

This combination of 3D surround sound and sound wave vibration creates a 


immersive audio experience. Users feel like they are surrounded by the sound, 

and they can even feel the vibrations in their bodies. 

This makes Sound XR Chair the perfect way to enjoy movies, music, and games. 

 Future of Sound XR 

Sound XR is a new and innovative technology that has the potential to 


 the way we experience audio. 

Sound XR Chair is just the beginning of what is possible with this technology. 

As Sound XR technology continues to develop, we can expect to see even more 

immersive and engaging audio experiences in the future.

TROUND is a symbol of "3D sound", a representative 


of Sound XR, which represents sound innovation. 

It also means TRiple Surround SOUND

In addition, the symbol is a reinterpretation of the speaker 


the most basic component of a speaker, in Black & White, 

which is the BC (brand color). 

TROUND was awarded from the Gyeonggi Provincial Small 

and Medium Business Administration for its contribution to 

 strengthening the competitiveness of Korean SMEs 

 by developing innovative Sound XR technology

Contact Us

+82 -31 -699 -1387


F801, hausD EL Tower, Jojeong-daero 35, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 12918, S.Korea.