Sound XR Chair

Sound Extended Reality

Immersive sound system that feels with vivid sound waves when playing games, listening music, or watching movies. 

Sound XR delivers exciting sound experience 

Without any software installation. 

Just Plug & Play ! 

"Feeling the Frontline inside the Game !"

Feel the sound all around you.

 With Sound XR, You can experience the world like never before.

Hear the sound of bullets whizzing past your head, 

 helicopters circling overhead, and footsteps getting closer and closer. 

Sound XR Chair 

 Sound Extended Reality 

: Immersive Sound System 

 by 3D Direct Sounds + Sound Wave Vibrations

Sound XR

Sound XR? 

This is a concept that was first developed in Korea (TROUND Inc.).

It provides an unprecedented immersive experience

in movies, games, music, and smart education

by combining direct sound of at least 5.1 channels and two-way

 (up and down + front and back) sound vibrations.

3D non-reflective Direct Sound

In opera houses and theaters,

the sound varies depending on the seat position.

However, the Sound XR chair,

which does not have reflected sound or interference sound,

It’s the ‘House Seat’ of opera house!

You can feel the sound that the conductor feels. 

2 Way Vibration System

TROUND's unique responsive vibration device that automatically responds to volume!

It captures the sound feelings that is not satisfied with sound alone, such as car chase scenes, aircraft takeoff and landing, and battle scenes. 

You can enjoy sound not only with your hearing, but also with your haptics. 

Perfect Surround Sound

With a front speakers, back surround speakers, and even overhead speakers! 

Sound XR creates a perfect sound space that surpasses a conventional 5.1-channel home theater, 

 perfectly expressing the 3D sounds you feel never before. 

One of a Kind Gaming Chair

The same specifications as those used in official world championships for games! 

Ergonomic design that does not fatigue even after long-term use! 

It provides the optimal viewing environment with adjustable height and angle to fit your body type. 

3D non-reflective Direct Sound

Direct Sound ? 

Until now, most of the sound from speakers has been “reflective sound” that is heard after it hits something. 

For example, the sound from a TV that is 3 meters away will hit countless objects before it reaches your ears. 

When sound waves hit objects, they inevitably cause a reduction in volume and distortion. 

 Even if a TV outputs 100% of sound, the sound that reaches your ears 

without hitting anything (direct sound) will be less than 1%. 

Perfect Surround Sound

Spatial Audio

Sound XR's Spatial Audio system provides an unprecedented immersive 

experience for movies, games, music, and remote learning by 

combining direct sound of at least 5.1 channels and 2-way (up and back) sound waves. 

In a battle scene in a game or movie, 

if an enemy bullet brushes past your right ear, 

 Sound XR Spatial Audio system will output the sound 

 along the bullet trajectory. 

Bidirectional Vibration System

2 Way Vibration System

Backrest: Forward-backward sound waves, 

 Seat: Up-down sound waves.

 This creates a two-way sound wave that enhances immersion. 

Please experience the surging sound waves like an drum in orchestra, 

not just monotonous vibrations. 

 The sound waves are generated by only audio signals. 

Unlike conventional vibrations that use electricity, 

the sound waves are generated by audio signals like LAN cables, 

so there is no risk of electromagnetic waves. 

When car racing, fighting, or explosion scenes are presented,

vibrations are output in both directions in synchronization with the sound.

The vibrations are output in both directions in synchronization with the sound, 

creating a sense of immersion as if you were in the scene

Seat: Up-down sound waves.

Backrest: Forward-backward sound waves

Sound XR Chair

Sound innovation

World's Two Leading IT Exhibitions 

CES 2023 / IFA 2023: Praised for 

  Innovation, Sound XR. 

In 2023, Sound XR was exhibited at the two leading IT exhibitions 

in the world, CES in the United States and IFA in Germany. 

It received a lot of attention and response from industry insiders and local media.

USA, Lasvagas – Jan.4th ~ 09th

Sound Innovation

A Sound Revolution That You Will Experience as Soon as You Sit Down! 

This is not just a face of someone who likes the sound. 

It is a natural expression that comes out when you experience 

3D sound and sound waves for the first time in your life. 

 Sound Innovation has been praised by industry insiders and 

the media for its innovative use of sound and vibration. 

It is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential 

to revolutionize the way we experience sound and vibration.

7 Innovations, Amaze the World

World's First! 

 Sound Chair outputs Multi-Channel Direct Sound 

Have you heard of a “sound chair”? 

It's not just a new product. 

It's the beginning of a new product category: “Sound Chair“ 

 Sound XR Chair outputs direct sound without reflection. 

World's First! Moving Home Theater

Sound XR Chair is the world's first moving home theater. 

It is also the first chair in history 

 to have external signal lines connected to a chair with wheels.

Home theaters are typically installed in living rooms

 and are used for movies or music listening only. 

However, games have had 5.1 or more channels of sound 

as standard for over 30 years.  

Home theater installed in a chair, Play games with home theater sound system! This is a new concept that is starting to gain popularity. It involves installing a home theater sound system in a chair. This allows gamers to enjoy surround sound gaming without having to sit in front of a screen.

Strong Sound Wave generated by audio signals

The sound wave is generated by using audio signals, such as Ethernet cables, instead of electricity, 

 which is generally thought of. 

This means that there is no risk of electromagnetic radiation, 

 which is a type of radiation that can be harmful to human health. 

Seat: Up-down sound waves

Backrest: Forward-backward sound waves

The World’s First 720° Soundscape

Sound XR, which can create a 720° (360+360) soundscape 

 that encompasses "top" and "bottom". 

 When riding a horse in a game, 

 if the game company records the sound source, 

 the sound of horse hooves can be implemented to be heard from "below". 

This will make you feel like you are really riding the horse.


Similarly, in a scene where a helicopter is turning, 

 the sound of the helicopter will be heard from the direction of the helicopter.

This will make you feel like you are really inside the helicopter. 

True Spatial Audio

Sound XR Chair is all you need to complete your home theater! 

 Sound XR turns your own space, your chair, into a theater.

Direct Cable Connection to Chair

For the first time in chair history, 

a chair with external power (signal) directly connected 

 to a wheeled mobile chair (such as an office chair). 

 With a cable directly connected to a mobile chair, 

 Sound XR Chair with heating, ventilation, healthcare 

(Inbody, etc.), and massage functions can be possible 

 even without a battery. 

Sound Amplification Chair

In 1836, John Harrison Curtis invented ‘The Hearing-aid Chair’ 

Now, TROUND will seek the possibility how to help 

 for the mild hearing loss patients. 

Sound XR Chair may helpful for below cases

Sound XR Chair with an acoustic vibration device can provide 

the following assistance to hearing-impaired people as a sound amplification chair: 

 Improved Sound Clarity 

Acoustic vibration devices can improve sound clarity 

 by reducing distortion that occurs during sound transmission. 

In particular, they can transmit low-frequency sounds more clearly, 

 allowing hearing-impaired people to hear low voices or whispers better. 

 Improved Sound Direction 

Acoustic vibration devices can improve sound direction, 

helping hearing-impaired people to identify the source of sound more accurately. 

This allows hearing-impaired people to better understand their surroundings 

 and communicate more smoothly. 

 Reduced hearing fatigue 

By near located speakers and sound vibration which can reduce hearing fatigue 

because the user don’t need to put hearing-aid on ear 

 This allows hearing-impaired people to listen to sounds for longer periods of time 

 without feeling as tired and to listen to sounds more comfortably. 

TV viewing (Movie, Drama) 

Sound XR Chair can help hearing-impaired people to hear TV sounds better. 

In particular, it can help them to hear TV sounds better by near located speakers 

Listening to music 

Sound XR Chair can help hearing-impaired people to hear the sounds of music 

more richly and vividly. 

In particular, it can help them to hear low-frequency sounds more clearly. 

Sound XR

Pride in Sound

The Product, Looking for Immersion

"Design, Function, and Price"

Sound XR is a Product for a Global scale.

Sound XR technology has been officially recognized 

 for its novelty and advancement 

 in the United States, Japan, China, Canada, and Taiwan.

A true gaming chair spports the player 

in such a way that they can immerse themselves 

 in the actual “Gaming" experience.


Sound is important in action games and MMORPG games!

Perfect surround sound, as well as 

Shooting games and sports games where impact is important! 

If you shoot a gun in a game, it should be a real 'gaming chair’ 

to make you feel the impact of the gun directly with vibration. 


A magic that makes you watch the masterpieces 

you've seen so far again.  

In 'Game of Thrones', you can also feel the 'vibration’ 

of the horseshoes that shake the ground 

along with the sound of the horseshoes that shake the ground, 

and you can feel the sound and vibration of 

a fighter jet taking off from an aircraft carrier.


Until now, you've only heard the sound 

that has been reflected off of surfaces.

Experience music in its original form, without any reflections. 

You won't believe how different it sounds. 


Immersion is essential for learning. 

When you can hear your instructor's voice in 3D, 

and even feel the vibrations of their voice, 

You're more likely to understand what they're saying. 

And with smart education, which can last 4hours, 

Is it really necessary for kids to wear uncomfortable, 

sweaty, and potentially harmful hearing by headphon?

High-end gaming chair